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@ Finding & handling computer problems software & hardware.

if your computer is not working or you are having problems working with your computers, we will locate the problem and fix it.

@ Installing or upgrading hardware & software solution by customer needs.

need special hard ware to upgrade your business?, software to work more EFFICIENTLY in order to contact your customers or manage inventory?

we will give you a solution and custom make it to fit your need.

@ Building wireless or wired network in your business or home for sharing internet with multiple computers.

you have more then 1 computer and you want to share the internet ,printer and files with the other computers around your business or the house without spending to much money.

we will build your network by your request, wired or wireless for maximum mobility and freedom.

@ Secure computers from identity theft, virus, hackers, spam and spy ware.

do you think that someone is spying on your computer inside your business and stealing important information?, Is a virus attacking your computer and destroying your files?.

we will check and remove all viruses, spam & spy ware from your computer

and give you the tools to protect and secure your computer or network.

@ Internet website design, full package solution that includes: Building & designing web site's for your business (or personal), name registration ( & web hosting.

Do you need a web site on the internet for your business?

we will take care of everything. your business will have a professional

web site with your business logo & information about you and your services.

@ TEACHING & TRAINING in your business or home for professional use

in windows, internet, Microsoft office and more.

Do you need help in using your computer?

we will show and train you or your employee's how to use windows , Microsoft office, the internet, act! and other programs that you use.